The Doll’s House


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An adventurous 8-year-old girl uncovers a dark mystery in her new adoptive home. Unable to ignore the spooky events that follow she takes on the investigation.

The Doll’s House is for children primarily aged between 6-11 years but easily has a window of one year below and above this age range. Interestingly, since being published, the book has attracted even a larger age range – including adults!

The Doll’s House is available to purchase via Amazon, Waterstones & all independent bookshops (although they might have to order copies in). 
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Jean Maye

A little bit more about the book.

When Sienna is adopted by Inga and Matt Taylor, she is intrigued by the story of their daughter, Anika, who went missing a few years back. But who could have taken her? 

Or did Anika run away?

Discovering Anika’s doll’s house in a locked cupboard is the beginning of a mystery that Sienna feels compelled to solve.  

The wonderful front cover of the book was created by Michael James Cain.





The Doll’s House interior illustrations were created by Steve Ince.

This is the dolls house that my auntie Joyce left me after she died which inspired the book. The story is set in Richmond, Yorkshire, a wonderful little town which plenty of scope for mysteries and adventures. As my aunt lived in Doncaster, Yorkshire and as I have many family still living there, it was important to me to still hold that connection. THE DOLL’S HOUSE book is dedicated to my aunt.