The Doll’s House – The first in The Sienna Series

An adventurous 8-year-old girl uncovers a dark mystery in her new adoptive home. Unable to ignore the spooky events that follow she takes on the investigation.

The Doll’s House is for children primarily aged between 6-11 years but easily has a window of one year below and above this age range. Interestingly, since being published, the book has attracted even a larger age range – including adults!

The Doll’s House is available to purchase via Amazon, Waterstones & all independent bookshops (although they might have to order copies in). 

The Magic Snowflake – by Jean Maye and Steve Ince

One day, a snowflake finds herself hanging from a lamp post all alone and away from all the other snowflakes. But she’s no ordinary snowflake.

A grumpy elf fed up with the cold and wishing he had stayed home rather than have gone Christmas shopping stands shivering under the lamppost where she hangs.

He’s surprised when he hears a voice suggesting he should have put on warmer clothes. When he looks up, he sees the most beautiful snowflake looking down on him and very soon their lives are changed.



Coming Soon! Treasures Bright

TREASURES BRIGHT is the second book in The Sienna Series

Due in spring 2023



What Living with the Coronavirus Means to Me


What Living with Coronavirus Means to Me is an interactive workbook designed to help children and young adults come to terms with their experiences of coping with the virus.

It encourages talking to trusted adults about their feelings and to seek further help if needed.

The book provides an opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings and anxieties but also to record some of the positives of their experiences plus creative and physical ways to maintain their well-being.


Click on this link to buy.

Me & My Family

ME & MY FAMILY by Jean Maye

Me and my family is a colourful book designed to help adopted children and their families to get to know each other, just before adoption, in the early stages and later on. Through writing, drawing and other activities, children are drawn into exploring and recording the changes in their lives as they move to their new family.

My Life & Me

MY LIFE & ME by Jean Camis (Maye)

The book is colourful, well-illustrated and appealing. It covers the whole spectrum of a child’s life, The sections are well thought out and fun to fill in.

We are Fostering

WE ARE FOSTERING By Jean Camis (Maye)

This easy to use and imaginative resource is ideal to help birth children in families who will be fostering to understand themselves and their place in their family, along with what it means to be adopted or fostered.

When I’m Away From Home

WHEN I’M AWAY FROM HOME By Jean Camis (Maye)

When I’m Away From Home is a workbook designed to provide specific information about the individual care requirements of a disabled child for anyone responsible for their care. It includes the child’s medical and physical needs, their daily routine and a section which they can fill in themselves about their personality, preferences and habits.