Story Consultant/Development

What will you offer as a story developer/Consultant?This is different from being a script or novel editor.  If you need a script or novel editor who will provide you with a detailed analysis and go through your work making corrections, I can make recommendations but there are plenty available so take time doing your research.
As a story consultant, I concentrate on the overall premise and arc of the story to figure out if it has enough substance to be developed. Sometimes, an idea can evolve into too many storylines making a script and premise confusing. 
I don’t know where to start in formatting or writing my script?I can also help with script formatting and how to write your first draft using correct software and recommend books written by specialists which will help in the development of your craft.
I cannot advise or write recommendations for agents.
How will you help me work on my project?For a fee, I will read your treatment or script then supply brief feedback with a telephone call, zoom, WhatsApp or email.
If you need more help I can go through the script and make recommendations or corrections on writing dialogue, or on a scene heading. The basic tools to help you get started or to expand your craft.
I do not supply analytical script reports. These are provided by script consultants and editors. My focus is on the tools and the basic craft.
For a fee, I will read your synopsis/treatment or script (short or feature).
Will you read my script/work for free, as a favour?No. I have been doing this for quite a few years but had to stop for several reasons; The volume of requests, the amount of time this was taking from my own work and needing to earn a living.

More often than not, when one reads a piece of work for free, the requests for help does not stop at that. There are more questions and requests to read next drafts. At times, I have read pieces of work, given feedback and not even received a thank you.
What are your rates?  Do you have a fixed process?No.  All scripts from writers and developments are different and at various stages. We will have a discussion and I will figure out how long this will take me, the amount of work before giving you a cost.

As a screenwriter and constantly evolving and developing myself, I appreciate how difficult it is to find budgets to pay for help, so I always take this into consideration.
Would you be prepared to re-write my script?Only in very rare cases and subject to time, availability and costs.
Do you take script commissions?Yes. I will consider any proposals and go from there.
I’ve already written a script.  Can you work on it with me?I will always take a look at an agreed first fee, but continuation really depends on the standard and level of the script. If the script is requiring too much work it is more cost effective the writer to go away and work on several more drafts before coming back. However, if you feel you need that additional guidance, then yes, I will consider this but it’s an expensive process for writers. Another consideration you have to make is that your script may never make it into production or make any money. I am talking from experience here. I have scripts where I have spent huge amounts of money and they are still sitting dormant.

A further consideration is that everyone who reads your script will have different points of view, especially directors so always be prepared for further re-writes and changes!
Can you just read my script as a one-off and tell me what you think about it?Yes, but if you want a comprehensive script analysis and report I recommend you seek a script editor. I am looking at the formation of the story and the actual writing of the script.
How do I pay you?Via PayPal (additional fee) or directly into the bank.
How do I get in touch with you?Via the contact link at the top of the page.